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International Post Graduate in British Columbia

We Help You Become International Graduate in British Columbia, Canada


Every year, thousands of young students come from all corners of the world to work and study in British Columbia, Canada. If you want to become an International Graduate in British Columbia, visit our office and consult with our experts who can give you the right suggestions and help you get through all assessments without any problem.




First, you must decide where you want to study and what to study so that we can find the right institute for you and guide you through the admission process. You can always apply in more than one institution but you must confirm whether your chosen schools, colleges or other institutions are recognized by the Government of British Columbia, Canada. We at NTC Immigration can go ahead to help you in the application process and find the best institution for you.


Get a Study Permit to Become an International Post Graduate in British Columbia


If you plan to become an International Post Graduate in British Columbia for more than six months in a row, and if you are not a permanent resident, you will need a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).


You have two options:


  • You can apply for a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
  • You can apply for a temporary citizenship Visa if you require one


If you have further questions regarding getting permission to study in British Columbia, Canada, call us. We look forward to listening from you and our staffs are always keen to help you with the most amicable solutions. NTC Immigration is always ready to help you in organizing everything. So, when you arrive in British Columbia, Canada, you can show us all the required documents which can help us to arrange everything in a smooth and timely manner. Some of the key documents you must carry are:


  • Valid passport or any travel document
  • Letter of introduction from the Visa office
  • Valid temporary citizenship Visa
  • Proof of your financial stability
  • Letters of reference
  • Copy of letter of acceptance from the post-secondary institution in British Columbia


We help you gain a great experience in studying here and become an international graduate in British Columbia. NTC Immigration is here to help and increase your chances of becoming a permanent citizen after you graduate.



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