The Canadian Experience Class is an immigration program for individuals who have worked in Canada and want to become permanent residents. CEC supports the transition from temporary to permanent status depending on the time individuals have spent contributing to Canadian society.

There are plenty of highly skilled individuals working in Canada. The Canadian government encourages Foreign Workers to apply for their Permanent Residency if they are eligible and wants them to become Permanent Residents of Canada. Canadian Experience Class is a part of Canada’s Express Entry immigration system.

There has been a trend of migrating to other countries for better future prospects. In fact, many individuals are opting to be a permanent resident of a place other than their origin. Skilled migration has been preferred by many career oriented persons of today’s time. Advancement of immigration procedure helps skilled workers to develop their efficiency in a country of their choice.

What are requirements for CEC application ?

  • The candidates must have a minimum of one year of Canadian work experience. It is a highly regarded factor under the CRS and provides candidates with Canadian experience access to more CRS points.
  • There is not much documentation required. The processing of Canadian Experience Class application is often takes three to six months.
  • Unlike FSWC and FSTC candidates, applicants under the Canadian Experience Class do not have to provide proof of settlement funds.

Advantages of being a Canadian Experience Class applicant: 

  • Live, work, and stay anywhere in Canada.
  • Sponsor their family and their spouse can work anywhere in Canada.
  • Apply for Citizenship and get a Canadian Passport after spending three years in Canada.
  • Enjoy the same benefits as that of Canadian Permanent Residents, including medical benefits
  • Educate their children at Canadian universities.

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